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|\||_| Spark of Revolution |\||_| Spark of Revolution

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Mixing nightmare, but arrangement is pretty good.

Your drums are getting crushed by everything else, like that lead synth especially. Turn down everything except for the drums to start. The reverb/delay on everything is just excessive, especially the piano at the beginning.

Add some light overdrive distortion/saturation to the drums, enough so that they sound bigger, but not distorted. Kill the top end on the kick while boosting the bass.

Most importantly, turn the master compressor WAY down, but turn down everything feeding into the compressor because your dynamics are just getting annihilated by the whole mix/arrangement.

Numi responds:

I don't know what half the stuff you just said means xD Shows how much I suck, huh? I threw this together, and realized halfway through, everything was fighting for space in the song. Threw an EQUO channel on EVERY sample/sound effect, boosted basses, cut basses, cut highs, raised highs, etc. where I thought it was necessary. I didn't think there was more to it. Hate to sound this noob-ish, but what's a master compressor...?